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Truman State Reunion and a visit to the moon

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Iceland  / Truman State Reunion and a visit to the moon

Truman State Reunion and a visit to the moon

5:57am Sept 22


While it is technically Sunday, it still feels like Saturday – I’ve basically had two hours of sleep. Yesterday morning I had the typical Icelandic breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers, and tomatoes with Abby, Steve, and their 15 month old, Emma. (to see Abby’s blog post about their adventures in Iceland, look HERE)


They have truly been on a European adventure after being in Switzerland for the last year for Steve’s job. Abby explained how difficult the transition will be upon returning to the states, in terms of healthcare for Emma, but how nice it will be to have the cheapness (salads are $30 in Zurich).


I felt as though it was easy to talk with them; although, it was less reminiscing (there was some discussion of Kirksville, the town, mind you), but more catching up on current life, where we go from here, etc.  Since they are taking the Ring Road counter-clockwise, and I, clockwise, it was fun to swap stories of what lies ahead for each other, as our meeting point in Lake Myvatn was about halfway for each, on the north side of the country.


The weather was rainy and a bit chilly, but we were still able to hike up the volcano crater, followed by a steaming bath in the Myvatn geothermal pools. Pricey ($30 + towel fee), but worth it. The smell of sulfur wafts in and out, so the smell of rotten eggs is present and stings your nose at times.  The water was quite warm – 40 degrees C – and there were plenty of hot and cold pockets in the water to cool down/warm up.


The view was one of 1) blue, crystal waters, 2) steam, 3) mountains, 4) snow, 5) European man speedos on old guys.


After a quick lunch (I found this weirdly delicious cheese bread at one of the grocery stores), the Jones’ and I parted ways after reuniting 7 years later in ICELAND after not seeing them since playing for their wedding in 2007.


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