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The city of hearts

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Iceland  / The city of hearts

The city of hearts

22:30 September 20

After a day of waiting for my car to be fixed (but if I had to be stranded, I’m glad I was near/in Akureyri), I was on the road again by 6pm.  I had many difficulties finding the next guesthouse, but a few turn-arounds, 1/2 tank of gas, and phone calls later, I’m here!!

I liked what one of the guys at the hostel said last night (he is also a Swiss ambassador’s son, so maybe that comes into play here). He mentioned Americans are unique in that we rarely “live” and let be. We have a plan that you party in college, date your senior year, get married, have kids, and buy a house (and have a steady job).  I told him he was exactly right.

And now, I’m not actively fighting against this plan, I will say I’m actively exploring other options. Even just being here lets me step back and see the big picture.






I met up with Abby, Steve, and their 15 month old daughter Emma, tonight. So good to see familiar faces. To catch up.

We are going to the thermal pools tomorrow together, then separating and going our own ways.  What a funny world.


I’m sitting in my tiny room, took a shower in the communal spot, and settling in for the night.  Walking Akureyri (spelling it different each time) from 10-5 was great exercise, but rather exhausting.


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