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Some photos

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Some photos

It’s summmmmerrrrrrr.

I’ve packed away the school files, turned off my alarm clock, and deactivated my social media. That being said, I’d still love to communicate with you via email, text, or even…IN PERSON, over a basket of fried pickles (just not the phone…I’ve hated talking on the phone since 7th grade when I pitted out my shirt just because my mom made me call to order a pizza).


Speaking of sweating it out, summer is a time to detox – unplug from things and focus on a few rejuvenating activities: running, breaking out classical repertoire from lessons-past (funny how things that used to frustrate me, now bring me a sense of calm), making up stupid raps, exploring new pockets of goodness in St. Louis, watching Matlock, reading a stack of books that have piled up throughout the year, and snapping a few photos here and there.


When it comes to photography, I’m no “professional” by any means…at all…or even close…and I don’t really want to be. I don’t want to shoot at a time/event set by another person, I don’t want to pose people, I don’t want to get paid for it; in other words, I consider this an area in which I can turn in that classic, independent, somewhat-stubborn redhead card and say that I don’t really want to be told what to do. So many other aspects of my life and job require lots and lots of planning and organizing (which I also love), but with photography – I just want it to happen naturally, unplanned. 


Photography is my escape.  Nothing is better than exploring and people-watching and making myself get out of the house and discover something new.  And when I’m hiding behind a camera, I feel most comfortable…safe, even.


Capturing those there-is-something-in-my-being-telling-me-this-is-special moments – there’s no better feeling. Photography continues to be something that brings me inspiration (taking photos, but also sifting through photos from others). It lets me get out of my head for awhile. It allows me to view the world more purposefully, passionately. It forces me to think less about myself, and more about others…and the human connection in general. I consider each picture a personal moment – one that has the feeling reminiscent of an intense, but fleeting relationship.


So far this break, I’ve toted my camera (and/or just the ol’ sneaky iPhone) to a few places – downtown STL, my favorite pinball place, a few family events, Florida, Nashville, Iowa, New York, etc., etc., etc.  


Here are a few pictures from the summer thus far. Look or don’t look…judge my photography skills or don’t judge…question why I like pinball or…WHY WOULD YOU EVER QUESTION THAT.



Coney Island


St. Pete Pride







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