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My new friends, Manuela & Kevin

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Iceland  / My new friends, Manuela & Kevin

My new friends, Manuela & Kevin

15:10pm September 26

My American friend (Kevin) and I walked the city.  I tagged along to the church (again) and then to this creepy hostel bar – complete with a gated barbershop, a laundromat with a red light, and lights from an old boat. And a porcelain clown.  Grabbed a pale ale, and then back in the rain. It’s so wonderful meeting new people from different countries, but it’s also nice to pal around with someone from the midwest.

Upon my return to the hostel, there was a new roommate from Switzerland, Manuela.  SUPER sweet.  Manuela, Kevin, and I played Yahtzee in the lounge.  Turns out, she’s a champ and used to have game nights playing Yahtzee with her family.

Kevin didn’t know how to play.

Three games and ginger and pilsner beer later, we head out so Kevin could get dinner.

It’s nice to make new friends, but after so many introductions, I start to forget what I’ve told people. Kevin did Peace Corps in Paraguay and is moving to Muich for school. Manuela  is a physical therapist who has her own company, so we had plenty to talk about – being a boss, healthcare, therapy, collaboration, etc.  Such a pleasant, laid-back night, ending with a cup of tea and nice long night’s rest.


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