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Last few days

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Iceland  / Last few days

Last few days

Today involved more town walking – only this time, near the harbor.  After finding out there were no shows at Harpa, I perused the shops around the harbor and scoped out what food I would have for lunch.

Went to the Seafarer’s/Viking museum.  After petting and playing with the border collie, I paid the $9 fee and learned about the history of Iceland fishermen.  After a bit of reading and lots of picture taking, I came to the conclusion that I spent enough time there, got my money’s worth, and I was on my way.

Stopped in a restaurant with a harbor view for white wine + fish & chips.  Delicious and filling.

Went on to the Laundromat Bar, a place I’ve read in several tourist guides, got a pale ale, and people-watched.  Finished my shopping adventures.

Returned to the hostel to write and rest.  I believe Manuela, my Swiss rookie and myself, will go out for dinner and I will be done spending SO MUCH $$$ in this country.  I’ve never felt so financially-pressured on any vacation in my life. BUT, this being said , totally worth it.

“One of these mornings, you’re gonna rise up singing and spread your wings, and take to the sky.”

“Summertime” is on the speaker at the moment.

Appropriate. I’m only two hours into the flight and I’m already quite nostalgic.


I’m listening to the Icelandic airwaves station via the in-flight radio, and the first band was great, soothing, and singing in Icelandic.  The second band/artist is Jonsi – who I’m not sure whether or not I saw him at Harpa on my first day in Reykjavik. I would like to think I did, although, I’m not sure it was completely possible with Sigur Ros’s concert schedule.


Last night, I finally had my arctic chard I’ve wanted since arrival at a bistro called SNAPS (even Dan, the “seamless” bartender at the Hostel recommended the restaurant).


My sandwich was a piece of art. Open-faced, potatoes, arctic char (creamy, similar to salmon), apple slices, and who knows what else.

Manuela came with me and it was nice to have the company.  While her English is not quite perfect (it’s still AMAZING), it made it entertaining, when I found out she says the word “douche” for shower (which is correct…just not what we use in the US).  Naturally, I had to use the power of google to teach her how we use “douche” in America, as well as “douchebag”.  It was   quite hilarious, actually. She also learned the word, “devastating”.

Went back to the Laundromat for a cup of tea and then back to the hostel for a beer, more Yahtzee, and live jazz music, which was actually pretty good.

We talked relationships, the fact that she is hosting a concert at her apartment, religion, etc.

Very nice to connect with someone, and it always reminds me of the word, Namaste – the god in me acknowledges/sees the god in you.

What a trip.

Beautiful scenery, beautiful people.



Back in Denver, a short layover, and dinner with Uncle Bill & Aunt Kathy

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