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Iowa in Iceland

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Iceland  / Iowa in Iceland

Iowa in Iceland

Dinner by myself at Coruso, an Italian place (with an Icelandic flair…whatever that means).

Behind me, a pleasant couple from Canada.

Ahead of me, a family talking about Justin Bieber and violence on TV.  And boobs. And Ashton Kutcher.

Next, my favorite table. Two, older gentlemen originally from IOWA, now living in Las Vegas.  SO sweet.  Both love traveling, one had his wife pass away, the other’s wife didn’t want to go, leaving the two of them to travel across Europe for 3 weeks.  A delightful bunch, for sure.

It’s hard not to think about the fact my trip is ending soon. And returning to work.


Trying my damnedest to stay in the moment.


No regrets on this trip. No Northern Lights…’tis ok.


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