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Clif Bars, Bob Marley socks

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Iceland  / Clif Bars, Bob Marley socks

Clif Bars, Bob Marley socks

Sept. 16, 2013 // Austin International Airport

“Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living & loving. It’s about going to extremes & expressing the bright hope that offers us, a hope that makes brave & expels darkness with light.” – Bob Goff

A bit of a knot in my stomach…not quite relaxed yet, even though I have three hours until I leave (and even then, it’s just to Denver).

SO ready for this.

For adventure.

For alone time.

A new world.

Meditating on what’s important in life.

Seeing and not talking.

Taking a much-needed breather from my work, business, technology, email, etc.


My planning for this trip has been minimal (as in, I just did my car rental and hostel reservations last night), but this is what I want this trip to be: relaxed, laid-back, and minimal.

The plan is to travel clockwise around the (only) main highway 1 (otherwise known as the ring road). The only, and really, I just need to stop whining, complicating thing I’ve had planing this trip are the NAMES. The LANGUAGE. Seriously. Even my background in International Phonetic Alphabet isn’t even helping. I think I’m going to resort to making fake names for everything. Or maybe butchered muppet/Sesame Street names, like Snuffleupagus. For everything.

I mean, a vowel every once in a while would be nice.

I usually pride myself on my ability to spell, make words, etc. (it is my nerdy passion), but I would not survive one spin in an Icelandic version of Wheel of Fortune, or Scrabble (probably spelled there as, Scryblle.).


It has been fun to think about this trip. To discover who else wants to go there.  Who has been. Who thinks I’m crazy for wanting to travel there over any other place.


As I’ve told most, this country just spoke to me after seeing, “Heima,” the Sigur Ros documentary. Something about it. The emptiness.  The barren, cold, untouched nature. To escape.



Blue Lagoon, Dettifoss, Lake Myvatn (with Abby & Steve), walking around Reykjavik, HORSES. MOTHER F’N HORSES.



Navigating a possible manual car, the $$, and some logistics.

I’ve packed an absurd amount of clif/kind bars…this should keep me pretty plugged up for the trip, equally minimal bathroom stops, yes?  But most importantly, help me keep the cost down significantly.
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