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Rothko, Icelandair

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Iceland  / Rothko, Icelandair

Rothko, Icelandair

1500 O’ Clock

I’m officially changing to military time (or, the time we should all use, really) in preparation for my Icelandair connection. One snafoo thus far: because I booked my tickets through, it showed up as 2 separate tickets when I checked my luggage. I was told I had to get my luggage at baggage claim in Denver, recheck it, go through security, etc. before getting on my flight. Heart racing, blood a-pumpin’, I accepted it and prepared myself mentally for the jog, sweat, and messiness that was inevitable in Denver.


Once I arrived at the Frontier gate in Austin, I quickly realized that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do this. Not quite in full-panic mode, I went to the desk and asked what I could do.  The Aussie kindly called baggage claim and took care of it. THANK THE LORD. Speaking of Lord…

…Lord of the Rings was inspired by Iceland!


To which I am stepping foot on soooooon!!!!


Current outfit: Long-sleeved T, columbia jacket, hiking boots, Nike pants, Bob Marley socks.


Current Hair Situation: clean and straightened (washed Saturday).


Hunger/Food: No expense yet

Flybus rental: $3500 ISK

$800 Airline

$ Hostel 3 nights

$ SAD cars rental

$ Bakki House cabin = $119

$ clothing, backpack, sleeping bag, converter, rain bag cover, raincoat, hiking boots.





Honestly, it’s like going to the MOON.


I’m looking out the window at this hazy sunrise/sunset and the moon is there and I’m not but I sure as hell should sleep or else I’ll be completely off when I reach the moon/Iceland.


Arrows on the wings.



7:22 // September 17

Sleeping for only two hours might be rough later, but due to the adrenaline of being here, I’m good for now.


Flying through the air the last 30 minutes was exhilarating, to say the least. It was completely dark, but you could see the gradual, Rothko-esque sunrise appearing above the most crunchy, thick, white clouds imaginable.


Walking off the plane, you couldn’t help but be awakened by the briskness of the air. As I take FlyBus into Reykjavik (a 50 minute drive) it is so windy that everything is howling, shaking, moving.

The colors are mostly dull gray and dull moss green.

To the right, hills and volcano-looking mounds.

Everyone on the bus is quiet and sleepy, and taking in the scenery.  You can easily tell that most of us are in awe. These little villages, with their white walls and their colored roofs (mostly red, blue, and gray), pop out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly as they came. Next adventure: finding my hostel from the bus stop.

The Krona (ISK) here is about 127 to 1 US dollar, so at the currency exchange windows I felt like a baller getting 5,000 Krona notes. I’m gonna “make it rain” just for a cup of coffee. Which sounds nice – but water, first.


There were no apparent water fountains at the airport…odd?!

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