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Rachel See

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Rachel See

The Newlywed Chefs

My friends Neil and Whitney are some of the best people I've ever met. AND they have a food blog!  A true win-win! I was incredibly honored that they asked me to take of a few photos they could use for their site.  Photos: Ps. Be sure to check out their website for yummy recipes and restaurant recommendations:

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Look at the Signs

Ok, it's done! As promised, I have incorporated ACE OF BASE into my job, which makes me extremely happy. Goal area: Awareness of safety signs in the student's community DISCLAIMER: These videos/technologies are just a tiny bit of what I do as a music therapist. LIVE music is best and being able to adapt and accommodate in the moment is ideal. However, these make great supplementary materials for the teachers, parents, etc., who want to use the songs in other areas of the child's life to work on transition of skills to other areas of their schedule/life/environment. Visuals: Chords/lyrics:   ‪#‎LOVEMYJOB‬ ‪#‎musictherapy‬ ‪#‎specialeducation‬ ...

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My sister-in-law and my 5-year-old nephew, Tyler, and 1-year-old niece, Georgia are in St. Louis (from Denver) for a few weeks.  You better KNOW I want to hang out with them all of the time, all of the hours, all of the day. SO. I proposed a sleepover night with Ty-guy, so he and Aunt Rachel could have 24 hours of never-ending fun. We did just that.   Starting with Grant's Farm, we rode the "train", fed the goats, hopped on the carousel, and ate snocones.  After this quintessential STL free fun, we decided it was high-time for some old-school Batman and Robin episodes that I had Tivo-ed in advance. We're talking 1966, people.   After this, we needed to get out again - only,...

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You know what makes me happy?

Visiting old friends. Especially when those old friends are the ones in Austin, TX. I lived in Austin for about 4 years. Maybe 5. I guess I'm just too lazy to do the math. Moving to Texas was a perfect experiment/experience of finding all-new friends, doing an internship, waitressing, creating my own private practice, and finding myself. This past weekend was one of my first trips as a I-now-work-for-the-schools-and-I-have-summer-offs-like-a-baller.  A vacation that included seeing some (not all - I'll get the rest of y'all this fall) favorites.   Thanks, Katie and Mark, for letting me stay at your house and visit like old times. Playing games, hanging with Ian, and swimming in the pool to escape the TX heat.  Your sense of humor and your kindness are...

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That time I was on the Price is Right     Highlights: "I LITERALLY WAS BURIED ALIVE, DiED, AND ROSE AGAIN AND DIED AGAIN. THIS IS EVERYTHING. I HAVE LIVED. AND IT IS GOOD." - Rachel See, on fulfilling her lifelong dream of being on The Price Is Right. I was HOLLERING at my TV. Never have I and never will I ever see more hilarious and amazing television. I feel like my heart stopped twenty times. Here's to the girl who still uses a VCR to record this show every day, and her extreme level of commitment to all things silly and great. Keeping old technology and ridiculous screaming (and falling on the ground) alive forever. Thank you. I could watch this video for the rest of my life...

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