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5 reasons why YOU need to write an E-book

  Being in school for 9 years (read about the entire journey, here) made me super antsy to get out in the "real" world and start practicing my dream job. I had SO many plans, songs, and interventions inside of me and it was as though I couldn't get them out fast enough. Bursting with music therapy ideas is a good thing.  Trying to funnel all of that energy and having zero clients in the beginning of my music therapy career was not as ideal. This was all happening around the time when e-books were popping up everywhere on the internet scene and I quickly realized that THIS is how I could channel my ideas.  An e-book was something I could do from...

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Urban Therapist Podcast

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by the wonderful Urban Therapists, Andrea and Tyler! Interested in hearing the podcast? Check out (and subscribe to) their podcast: HERE. We talked about my background, Music Therapy Mailings, podcasts, nerding-out, websites, design, and more! Oh, and there was lots of laughing :). ...

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Cause for Applause

I am absolutely honored that the wonderful folks at Tuned in to Learning (make sure to check out their stuff!), recognized me with their autumn "Cause for Applause" award!  Thank you!!   To check out the award & my interview with Michelle, head on over to this site: ...

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Top 5 Music Therapy Services of Austin moments of the summer (thus far!)

1. Being asked (and confirmed!) to be a panelist at the American Music Therapy National Conference in Jacksonville, Florida, this November.  More details to come!   2. Receiving several new client referrals from current MTSA families!  Thank you for spreading the word about music therapy! We look forward to using music to address the needs of your friends, families, and acquaintances.   3. The burst in music therapy news coverage.  Here are a few examples, as listed by The George Center for Music Therapy.   4. Music Therapy Mailings:  We are very excited to see the growth of this new service!   5. Being a guest blogger on Rachel Rambach's, "Listen & Learn Plus" website.  You can view a teaser of the article (it's all about using Instagram as a form of Music...

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MTSA in the Austin News!

I recently had the absolute honor of being interviewed by Kelly West of the Austin American Statesman.  She observed one of my sessions with the hardest working person I know, Don.  Thank you, Kelly, for spreading the word about music therapy and for showcasing Don and all he has accomplished!  {Click the link above to watch the video}   The video was featured on the Austin360 site, as well as the Austin American Statesman website: [caption id="attachment_9079" align="alignleft" width="315"] Austin360 website[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9080" align="alignright" width="943"] Austin American Statesman, February 5th, 2013[/caption] ...

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