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Yes or No

IEP goal area:  Language//Answering Yes or No questions.   As always, these videos are supplementary materials for the student to use at home or in the classroom in order to help the transfer of skills from the therapy session to other environments. Research shows that live music in music therapy sessions (with a board-certified music therapist) is the most effective approach.   Great handout on YES/NO questions from ASHA, here: Evaluating & Teaching Yes/No Responses Based on an Analysis of ...

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Cause & Effect

Teaching the concept of "cause and effect" in order to work on this Language/Semantics goal: When presented with a picture, the student will increase semantic language skills by stating what is happening in the picture (the problem), state an appropriate cause/what happened prior, and state an appropriate effect/ solution (ie. girl has a scraped up knee, maybe she fell off her bike, mom will put medicine & a bandaid on).   ...

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Where Questions

  IEP GOALS:   Language/Semantics: Given "Wh" questions about a recent personal experience, the student will increase his semantic skills by correctly answering with 75% accuracy given no more than 2 visual or verbal cues. Language/Syntax: Producing simple phrases/sentences of 3-7 words with 2 or less verbal or visual cues.   This song is used to help my students answer "where" questions, and serve as a model for the use of 4-5 word full and complete sentences/answers. It was originally written by a music therapy student several years ago and shared/passed along within my department (unfortunately, I don't know who this student was, as they had been long gone by the time I began working there...

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Key Words: Subtraction

I received a request from one of the special education teachers to create a song that they could use to help the students recognize addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division "key words" in a math word problem. Instead of putting them all into one song, which would be a LOT of information, I'm breaking it up into four separate songs, with the first video/song being subtraction (and piggy-backing off of the, "Yellow Submarine" melody).   ...

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So many of the students on my caseload are working on WH-Questions (who, what, when, where, why, how); therefore, I wanted to create a song that addressed a few of them (who, where, what).     GOAL AREA: Academic – Reading Comprehension GOAL: After hearing a story, the student will increase his reading comprehension skills by completing a web of wh- questions   Who means a person Where means a place and What means a thing  ...

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