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Yes or No

IEP goal area:  Language//Answering Yes or No questions.   As always, these videos are supplementary materials for the student to use at home or in the classroom in order to help the transfer of skills from the therapy session to other environments. Research shows that live music in music therapy sessions (with a board-certified music therapist) is the most effective approach.   Great handout on YES/NO questions from ASHA, here: Evaluating & Teaching Yes/No Responses Based on an Analysis of ...

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Cause & Effect

Teaching the concept of "cause and effect" in order to work on this Language/Semantics goal: When presented with a picture, the student will increase semantic language skills by stating what is happening in the picture (the problem), state an appropriate cause/what happened prior, and state an appropriate effect/ solution (ie. girl has a scraped up knee, maybe she fell off her bike, mom will put medicine & a bandaid on).   ...

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“Multiplying Chart”

One of the students on my music therapy caseload has an IEP goal related to multiplication tables and using the "multiply chart" as a reference point. Therefore, this song addresses the rules/how-to regarding the use of said chart (and what better way to work on multiplication than with a ukulele and a turned-up retro fuzz setting on the midi...

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WH- Blues

Goal: Student will increase her language comprehension skills by answering WH questions related to teacher-selected activities to 75% accuracy with 3 or less cues. Adaptation 1: Once the student has learned the meaning of each WH word, I turn this into a song where we do the first part/chant and then I insert new WH questions (in the same order - who, what, when, where, and why) and the student answers me in the natural call and response of the blues pattern. Adaptation 2: To take this one step further, I have the student take turns with me in generating WH questions. For example, I'll start by asking him/her a Who question and they know that they will ask me the next...

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Jack + Jill

Goal area: Sequencing   What I did: Cut apart visuals and sentences to create an activity in which the client had to rearrange both the pictures and the words to create the familiar rhyme.  I usually set the rhyme to the tune, "Single Ladies".   Jack and Jill Went up the hill To fetch a pail of water Jack fell down And broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after   ...

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Apps, Apps, Apps

I've written about using the iPad in my music therapy sessions before (see the blog post HERE).  There are many reasons as to WHY and HOW the iPad can be used in sessions.  This post will focus on the WHAT.  What apps do I find most useful?   Here is a quick list of 11 of my favorite apps to use in music therapy sessions: 1. Nylon Guitar (Example goal area: Pattern recognition and creation with a 3-chord song pattern) 2. Boogie Bopper (Example goal area: Fine Motor Skills // Finger Isolation) 3.  Bloom HD (Example goal area: relaxation) 4. Keyboard 2 (Example goal area: Letter recognition) 5. Laughter Therapy (Example goal area:  Breath and diaphragm exercises, as well as Impulse control -- waiting to choose the...

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