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Yes or No

IEP goal area:  Language//Answering Yes or No questions.   As always, these videos are supplementary materials for the student to use at home or in the classroom in order to help the transfer of skills from the therapy session to other environments. Research shows that live music in music therapy sessions (with a board-certified music therapist) is the most effective approach.   Great handout on YES/NO questions from ASHA, here: Evaluating & Teaching Yes/No Responses Based on an Analysis of ...

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Cause & Effect

Teaching the concept of "cause and effect" in order to work on this Language/Semantics goal: When presented with a picture, the student will increase semantic language skills by stating what is happening in the picture (the problem), state an appropriate cause/what happened prior, and state an appropriate effect/ solution (ie. girl has a scraped up knee, maybe she fell off her bike, mom will put medicine & a bandaid on).   ...

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“While You’re At School, You Have Some Rules”

  LYRICS: While you’re at school You have some rules To help you listen and learn 1. Stay in your seat 2. Safe hands and feet 3. Keep your mouth closed     Disclaimer: Live music therapy sessions are always best. These videos/recordings are created as supplementary materials for teachers and parents in order to foster transfer of knowledge across settings.   You can buy the track, HERE:  ...

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Why I do what I do.

Have 5 minutes? Want to see music therapy in action? Grab the kleenex. I recently saw this mini-documentary on music therapy and I thought it was beautifully done and represented the music therapy field so well that I just had to share it. A big thank you to Ross Taylor, the person who took the time to learn about music therapy and represent it with his artistic, videography skills. MUSIC THERAPY from Ross Taylor on Vimeo....

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