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You know what makes me happy?

Visiting old friends. Especially when those old friends are the ones in Austin, TX. I lived in Austin for about 4 years. Maybe 5. I guess I'm just too lazy to do the math. Moving to Texas was a perfect experiment/experience of finding all-new friends, doing an internship, waitressing, creating my own private practice, and finding myself. This past weekend was one of my first trips as a I-now-work-for-the-schools-and-I-have-summer-offs-like-a-baller.  A vacation that included seeing some (not all - I'll get the rest of y'all this fall) favorites.   Thanks, Katie and Mark, for letting me stay at your house and visit like old times. Playing games, hanging with Ian, and swimming in the pool to escape the TX heat.  Your sense of humor and your kindness are...

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