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Cause & Effect

Teaching the concept of "cause and effect" in order to work on this Language/Semantics goal: When presented with a picture, the student will increase semantic language skills by stating what is happening in the picture (the problem), state an appropriate cause/what happened prior, and state an appropriate effect/ solution (ie. girl has a scraped up knee, maybe she fell off her bike, mom will put medicine & a bandaid on).   ...

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Where Questions

  IEP GOALS:   Language/Semantics: Given "Wh" questions about a recent personal experience, the student will increase his semantic skills by correctly answering with 75% accuracy given no more than 2 visual or verbal cues. Language/Syntax: Producing simple phrases/sentences of 3-7 words with 2 or less verbal or visual cues.   This song is used to help my students answer "where" questions, and serve as a model for the use of 4-5 word full and complete sentences/answers. It was originally written by a music therapy student several years ago and shared/passed along within my department (unfortunately, I don't know who this student was, as they had been long gone by the time I began working there...

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Key Words: Subtraction

I received a request from one of the special education teachers to create a song that they could use to help the students recognize addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division "key words" in a math word problem. Instead of putting them all into one song, which would be a LOT of information, I'm breaking it up into four separate songs, with the first video/song being subtraction (and piggy-backing off of the, "Yellow Submarine" melody).   ...

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So many of the students on my caseload are working on WH-Questions (who, what, when, where, why, how); therefore, I wanted to create a song that addressed a few of them (who, where, what).     GOAL AREA: Academic – Reading Comprehension GOAL: After hearing a story, the student will increase his reading comprehension skills by completing a web of wh- questions   Who means a person Where means a place and What means a thing  ...

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