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Yes or No

IEP goal area:  Language//Answering Yes or No questions.   As always, these videos are supplementary materials for the student to use at home or in the classroom in order to help the transfer of skills from the therapy session to other environments. Research shows that live music in music therapy sessions (with a board-certified music therapist) is the most effective approach.   Great handout on YES/NO questions from ASHA, here: Evaluating & Teaching Yes/No Responses Based on an Analysis of ...

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Website Design: Maryland Association for Music Therapy

I recently had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Maryland Association for Music Therapy (MAMT) to create a revamped website for their organization.     Enter the site:   Features:   *Designed pages with easy-to-access information/events/brochures/slideshows for their association, as well as their state task force committee   *A members-only password-protected access site   *A membership "shop" page   *A "find a music therapist in Maryland" searchable database     A huge thanks to the MAMT executive board for helping make this such a fun, smooth process!         [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="14900,14901,14902,14904,14905,14908,14916,14917,14903"]...

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