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Trolls, Glacial Lagoons, Airplane Wreckage

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC / Iceland  / Trolls, Glacial Lagoons, Airplane Wreckage

Trolls, Glacial Lagoons, Airplane Wreckage

14:56 Sept 23


Yesterday was a bit of a blur. Lots of sleeping, due to a cold and lack of rest, but (!) thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Bakki House. The owner was welcoming, non-intrusive, and friendly, telling me that I was the only one staying in the house – which is a first. Shared bathroom = MINE!!!


After a long shower, I got ready for a nap and she told me, “You’re on your own, kid” in this awesome 1940s NY movie accent that cracked me up. She also told me to, “find yourself in Iceland.”  I like it.  Even if this is the country’s slogan, or whatever, it is a good reminder, refreshing, and inspiring.


About 80 kilometers after I left Hofn, I came upon the glacial lagoon. Stunning. BLUE. Out of nowhere, these ice chunks appear, floating, sad and cold.


Snapped some shots and headed back to the car.  With the rain making it’s appearance, I  passed the lava rocks covered in moss, but didn’t get out – just took some photos through the window.

Made it to Vik by about 1 and met an American photographer here by himself. (See his post and INCREDIBLE photos on his blog, here…also, the photo above – the one where I’m looking all cold and wind-blown – is his, so thanks, Matthew!).  I moved my cafeteria tray across from him and we had a nice long chat, swapping stories and learning about each other’s adventures.  We then walked out onto the lava rock beach – wind whipping and flapping our raincoats so much that it was hard to talk.  And met a man stationed in Georgia, who was a 10-day military leave.


Everyone has a story.


I hope to go outside again after warming up in my hotel.  The weather is nippy, windy, and raining; and this is the nicest, warmest hotel (actually a hotel, not a house) I’ve been in yet, so we’ll see. I might wait until tomorrow. Then, it’s off to the plane crash site and back to the capital for more hostel living and city-seeing.

This is the first time I’ve seen the news since arriving – terror attack on Kenyan Red Cross. Tragic.




14:45 Sept 25


Drove back from Reykjavik, stopped by an abandoned airplane crash.  Plane has been there since the 1970s, when it ran out of fuel (all survived) and crash-landed on the black lava rock beaches.

Eerie, compelling, odd.

Worth the trek out there – it is unmarked and you have to drive through a gate, and then across a few kilometers of beaches.  I ended up parking as getting stuck was the last thing I wanted to do.

Met a German photographer out there, which was, at first, disappointing, since I was selfish and wanted it by myself, but it was nice to meet another soul.

It was comforting in the face of such sobering wreckage.

Continued off the path to Strokkeryi, a suggested place of someone in Austin who used to live here (now the owner of the Golden Hat Foundation and the husband featured on the film, “A Mother’s Courage“).   Turns out, it’s a ghost town. While known for their seafood, the lobster restaurant wasn’t open for another 3 hours.  Made the most of it, snapping photos at the graveyard, getting a bug bite, the usual.

Made it into town and checked into the Loft, the nicest hostel yet.  Shared rooms, but a rooftop bar and foosball tournament.

Met new friends – 14 from Denmark on a study trip, one Kevin, who will be going to school in Berlin, but is from NY/Florida. Such fun discussing life, travels, and TV with these folks. AND peanut butter M&Ms. OH, the peanut butter M&Ms. So good.

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